Virtual Earth Version 2 Being Deprecated

It’s been far too long with way too many versions out there, but I wanted to alert everyone about the deprecation of the Version 2 Virtual Earth API being deprecated on March 31, 2008. So, if you’re on V2 you better get cracking on updating to a new version, like, oh, I don’t know Version 6! Slacker. :)

Anyway, here’s the official communication….

Dear Virtual Earth Platform Customer,

Please be advised that as part of our Virtual Earth version deprecation plan, version 2.0 ( of the Virtual Earth Map Control will be permanently retired on March 31st 2008. If you are not using Virtual Earth version 2.0 then you can disregard this notification. We have already contacted the very small number of Virtual Earth customers that we have identified as still using Virtual Earth version 2.0, but if you are currently using version 2.0 please be sure to migrate onto version 6 before March 31st 2008 to ensure Virtual Earth service availability.

Upgrading to the latest version of Virtual Earth ensures that you are taking full advantage of the latest and greatest features that the Virtual Earth platform has to offer. To begin incorporating the latest features of Virtual Earth version 6.0, begin with the Virtual Earth Interactive SDK. The Interactive SDK provides scenario-based, hands-on demonstrations with associated source code and references.  To access the Interactive SDK visit:

And, if you have questions about a license because your mashup is in violation of the terms of use ping me. I’ll hook you up. Or, if you don’t like me and want to speak directly to a licensing rep email


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