Virtual Earth SDK Version 5 Now Live!

The SDK for Version 5 is now live and available for online browsing or download. Start taking advantage of the following new features:

  • A completely new, advanced set of features for Pushpins, Polylines and Polygons
  • Support for Popup Info Boxes with a custom look and feel
  • A way to group shapes using Shape Layers
  • Complete control over Mouse and Keyboard Events
  • The same Bird’s Eye Panning and mini map that you see on and A More Accurate Bird’s Eye Set Center Method.
  • A smaller download, thanks to a Compressed Map Control
  • An optional Small Navigation Dashboards
  • A reorganized, more straightforward method for Finding Locations and Businesses
  • Developer control over Tile Overfetching
  • More straightforward support for Tile Layers
  • Virtual Earth API support for the Japanese market using Programmatic Market Selection.

So, start coding!!!!


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