Birds Eye Navigation Improvement

A nice improvement was just released for Virtual Earth’s Birds Eye navigation at The Birds Eye navigation thumbnail grid has been replaced with an inset map for easier usability (see screenshot below). Please note, this feature is currently only available at, but will definitely be added as a feature in the next release of the Virtual Earth Map Control API. For more info on the release that went out yesterday please go to

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  1. Herbfrywaterproofing

    great!!!!…i want to congratulate bird's eye navigation for this fantastic work

  2. Anonymous


    So I was thinking about virtual earth and the recent transition to 3D; I think i may have thought of a great idea, that is assuming you haven’t thought of it already.

    Treat this project like Wikipedia; give the users more control over the system; and i don’t know how feasible this would be (my guess is not very, since 3d creation is ridiculously difficult) but sort of open up the project a little bit to the point where people can develop cities; right now, seattle is fantastic (my second home!), but i think there could be improvements on places like portland.

    If you open up the project, people like me and other semi-educated artists and computer tech nerds would jump on the opportunity to draw out parts of their city; think about it, you would be offloading your work to a more simple job of editing rather than all the grunt work. there would be a way to sort of monitor their additions and to make sure they aren’t drawing something too complex, and there would be a way of erasing someone elses work etc, maybe a standalone exe, and there would be tons of controls put on it, but there would  be the core ability to at least start changes on places; sure, it might be a little more hectic, but think about it; if you get a mass group of nerds on this thing, then in a matter of a couple of years, perhaps, you have the entire world (all major buildings) drawn up, placed correctly, and wow. that would be the definition of the internet; and maybe you could offload the work to other machines via one of those screensaver applications that sucks up resources; put a humanitarian good-for-the-people spin on this project, and you could get so much firepower behind you.

  3. Anonymous

    by IgorV, In birds eye view when I move the wheel forward, it zooms in and when I move the wheel backwards it zooms out.  I like it this way, it is weird the oher way unless your mouse is pointing up and down.  I can see in certain cases this can be confussing.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow!! I love the bird’s eye navigation. Fantastic. Is there any idea of how long it will be before we can use the new nav? Magnificent.

  5. Anonymous

    Love it Love It.   I only noticed 1 thing, when look at the new bird’s eye  in some areas  side streets look bigger then the main streets are.  Is this know?  I can attach a link it need be.  Other wise GREAT work, I have been waiting for the stiched bird’s eye for some time .    Thanks  You ROCK

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