Virtual Earth as a Marketing Tool

Lately we have focused a great deal here on Microsoft Virtual Earth as a key component of vertical search applications, from customer facing real estate sites to internally facing BI applications.  But, there is also a great deal of utility to using Virtual Earth as part of your basic marketing activities, whether in your ads or in your website as a tool for prospective customers. 

Location is a key part of many (I would even venture most, as many analysts have) of the activities people do on the internet, whether it is sharing photos or favorite activities or finding a place to eat or a movie to see.  Take advantage of that need for convenient access to local information to provide a sticker and more satisfying experience for your customers.  

Here are a handful of examples of sites that have been made using Virtual Earth as a simple but effective part of the customer experience:


Experience Washington (tourism):…


Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery and Game Crazy (locator):………


LeBron’s Bike-a-thon (advertising/promotion): 


So, when you are next considering building an application for connecting with customers, consider the relevance of location to the activity–it may well be that Virtual Earth could make the experience better for your customers.

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