Web Service Customer Service Update: MWS 4.1 CSR2

As Chris points out, we are coming up on our next Customer Service Release for MapPoint Web Service

There are some great updates you have been asking for included in this CSR2 release, including:

  • Improvements to geocoding in the US – With a new geocoding engine for the US, we are seeing substantially better performance for address find requests in the US in our testing. 
  • Improvements in stability, speed and flexibility with batch geocoding for large datasets.
  • The Customer Data Service, which allows you to host and perform spatial queries on your data all on the service infrastructure, has been made more usable with the ability to move sets from staging to production and delete unused datasets via the API.
  • We are adding new data for Europe, including the addition of a few new metro areas in Eastern Europe, postal code updates, and newer road data across the entire coverage region.  Also, North American ZIP codes are being updated (the rest of MapPoint.NA data was updated in late March).

We will release an updated SDK on MSDN when MapPoint Web Service CSR2 is released to the web shortly.  That will include full documentation for all the new and improved features along with some bug fixes to the SDK.

As well, since Virtual Earth Map Control and Windows Live Local rely on MWS for their geo-coding, map data and other features, they will benefit from the updates as well.  VE Map Control and WLL will get improved US geo-coding immediately.  And they will get the new map data when we refresh our pre-rendered tiles soon.

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