Eastern Europe Web Service Data Additions

To clarify on my previous post, we are adding some additional data in Eastern Europe (vintage Q305) to the MapPoint.EU dataset.  In addition to improved overall coverage of our existing European map, Finland and Greece are now much more complete sets of street level data.

We are adding 9 new countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia.  Coverage in these new countries is for routing only, not yet include find address.  Most of the newly added countries have 2 or 3 major metros with street level coverage and long major connector highways between them.  While the data is not as complete as other areas of Europe yet, these new countries will improve over time as we continue to expand and improve coverage worldwide.

This data will be available first in MWS with the May 15 CSR2 release.  When it is available in Virtual Earth Map Control and Windows Live Local I will post again.

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