Meet Matt

I focus on Microsoft Advertising technologies, providing Software Engineers, Database Developers and Service Operations professionals to build and manage web services running at the largest scale possible.

I’ve been recruiting for 12+ years, working on various startups around the Puget Sound and Bay Area and Microsoft is the opposite of everything I’ve ever built…

…Except of course it isn’t! Since joining in October of 2007, I’ve been consistently amazed at how much fun I’m having and how “non monolithic” the company feels.

As you probably know, Microsoft is not the dominant market driver in the online services business and in this space we’re very much still a start up. To me, that’s the draw. Within every challenge lies an opportunity and I’ve never understood the point of joining a company AFTER they’ve gotten it all figured out. The teams I help build have a direct impact on how Microsoft succeeds in transitioning from shrink-wrapped software to Software + Services.

Rather than getting caught up solely on what a candidate has done, I understand that a series of identical moves is rarely a compelling proposition for most people. I try to find candidates a healthy balance of leveraging their existing skills with what he/she wants to do.

If designing, developing and managing web services on an unprecedented scale maps to what you are looking for I’d love to hear from you!