Eugenia Sawa tells us...Why She Recruits for Online Advertising

Why I recruit for Online Advertising…

As with the type of engineers I am trying to recruit and hire, I see this as such a huge opportunity to get to work with Engineers who generate revenue for the company – truly add to the bottom line, work on something that is in the online space where the scale is huge and the transactions are many, and see how the world of search advertising evolves over time.  Today I’m showcasing two of our hottest teams within the Online Advertising family.

You can get to know us a little better and find out how each group fits into the larger ecosystem that is Microsoft’s Online Services Division. Read on….

Delivery Engine Team – the guts of our online advertising machine.  Who else will ensure that the thousands of transactions that occur in seconds occur seamlessly without major latency?  Who else will make sure that our system is always available, scalable, and optimized? This team does it and with great passion. This team is looking for developers that excel in distributed systems and for engineers who have experience with huge amounts of data. What kind of experience? Map Reduce, Big Table, Hadoop type experience.

Revenue and Relevance Team – When you search for ‘True Religion’ on Bing, you expect your ads to bring up relevant ads on jeans/denim and not ads on world religion. This team works on the actual algorithms to ensure the right advertisements are reflected on Bing.  This of course involves developers who excel in machine learning, data mining, AI, and NLP.  PhD’s are very welcome and would share some great company on this team.  This is for the developer who dabbles in both applied and research.  This team offers a unique ability to apply your knowledge in these areas to challenging large scale problems that are ‘live’ as in on the web.  If you are a PhD with expertise in these areas and a strong developer to boot – this might be the place for you. Did I mention that we have training data for you? Tons and tons of it.