If A Link Is On Your Resume, Employers Will Click On It - Kay

Hiring managers as well as Recruiters will almost always click on the provided links to look at your web site if it’s listed. We will would try to find out as much about the candidate as we can, including looking up the person online.  Even if it’s not on your resume, if your blog, or profile contains information on your real identity, the people you least expect, and those that you certainly don’t want reading it, may find it. Like your boss or prospective employers, but, also your customers, colleagues and coworkers.

So Here’s My Do’s and Don’ts Advice


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Blogs

·         Don’t include a link on your resume to any site which may have inappropriate content that is not appropriate for a business audience.

·         Do be very careful what you put online. If you have a MySpace or Facebook account, people you won’t want to be reading your profile may be able to access it, even if you think nobody will read it. Make your account private, so only your friends can access it. Be extra careful, and don’t post anything that you don’t want a prospective employer (or your mom!) to read.
Facebook Privacy Settings  or MySpace Privacy Settings

·         Do consider creating a personal web site, if you’re unemployed, specifically related to your job search including your resume, samples, your portfolio,      and certifications. Include only professional and academic information. Or use your profile on sites like LinkedIn to promote your experience.


·         Don’t list your blog on your resume unless it’s relevant to the career field / position that you are interviewing for.

·         Do consider starting a blog related to your career interests. If you, for example: consider blogging about industry trends, news and related topics.


·         Do create a job search blog. There’s a trend toward job seekers blogging to target their job search and market their skills. A job search blog can help with your job search and give you exposure, but, again, remember who might be reading it

·         Do be careful what you blog/post. Keep in mind that just about anything that is online can be read by everyone. If you don’t want the world to read what you’ve posted, make sure they can’t.