Diversity in Action, Part 2 by Tameiko

Last week I told you about a senior level Black candidate who interviewed for a position with our product group and after his interview headed to a BBQ hosted by a long-term Microsoft Black employee. So — Was the event, or candidate experience to put it more accurately, a disaster or success???

…It was a HUGE success! The candidate emailed the recruiter to let her know meeting with this group of folks (keep in mind these are primarily technical Black Microsoft employees) added to the interview experience in a “Great way”. He mentioned the host was fantastic and it was nice to hear about various opportunities and excellent experiences at Microsoft. Also, please know I talked to “the host” after the event and thanked him once again for welcoming the candidate into his home. The host said it was no problem and any time I needed this type of assistance again, to give him a call.

A few things… The host is not obligated to spend his personal time with candidates for other product groups but is more than willing to do so. Now that is a good Corporate Citizen. That aside, what a win for the candidate. He interviews during the day with a group of people that will become his peers if offered the job and he accepts…Then spends time in a social setting with those of the same ethnicity and similar interests (not to say that his potential future co-workers do not have similar interests).


From the moment I reached out to my various Black networks, to the suggested BBQ with other Black professionals; the entire positive, inclusive candidate experience was a great example of Diversity in Action!