Microsoft Advertising's innovative culture holds the key to defining the future of consumer ads



One question
I am frequently asked by candidates is “what defines the culture at Microsoft
Advertising and the Online Services Division?” A few words that come to mind
when describing our work environment and culture are: innovation, creativity and
passion. One great example of keeping the spirit of innovation alive is the “Creativity @ Microsoft Advertising”
initiative that Microsoft Advertising recently kicked off. This initiative is
to support their focus on re-imagining the consumer ad experience. The
team defined a process for channeling and incubating ideas, and also produced
an “Ad Look Book,” which is
a treasure trove of creative ad concepts.


In addition, part of this
initiative was the “Ad Idol”
competition where Microsoft Advertising employees were asked to submit their
ideas to the leadership team. Over the course of 3 months, two monthly winners
were awarded $1000 each. I don’t know about you, but to me that equals a
weekend get away in Napa Valley …


The 6 finalists were paired with a UX
designer and had the opportunity to present their concepts to Qi Lu and members
of the leadership team.


Sound fun? If
you’re passionate about what you do, our culture will encourage you to come up
with some of the coolest ideas in the industry. Check out Online Services
Division’s job openings and join us!