Meet Sudhakar - Ad Platform Relevance and Revenue Test Manager


Sudhakar has been with Microsoft for 12 years and has been with Ad platform team for about 2 years. He has spent all his career in Microsoft in large scale online services. He is currently working in the Relevance and Ranking team shipping algorithms to help improve revenue, and manages a team of about 40 people at this time.

Working in the AdCenter test team is a great challenge.  You get to work on leading edge software that runs at very large scale distributed system.  The testing is still evolving as we have to find the right rhythm to support frequent releases and balance testing in the lab as well as testing some features in production.  The other major challenge we have is trying to figure out the right way to scale our algorithms in Ad Selection, Relevance, and Ranking to the combined Microsoft/Yahoo marketplace and systematically drive up revenue and relevance of ads.  Opportunities to improve the engineering efficiency, as well as the quality of our products, are very large in this team. You can come to work every day with a new set of challenges to work on and leave often thinking about other ones you didn’t get to.  We have lots of areas for great leaders and technical minds to work on these large problems with managing the advertising software that is used by 200k+ customers and serving trillions of impressions a year and soon to be a on a worldwide-scale basis.

The AdCenter Relevance and Revenue team is looking for a strong SDETs. For OSD to become profitable, we need to get advertisers to work with us and get users to click on ads! The only way we can do this long term is by improving Relevance.

As part of the Relevance and Revenue team, you will be part of a team focused on improving algorithms used to Rank, Allocate and Price the final stack of ads that are presented to the user upon entering the search query. As such, our algorithms are at the very heart of the AdCenter technology that monetizes Bing and Yahoo. Our technology area combines systems, machine learning, data mining and analysis — in short, a very technically challenging area.

A love for metrics, trying new ideas, testing and building complex pipelines is a must to be successful. Working in this area is to be at the heart of Relevance and Revenue in making AdCenter and OSD successful.

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