The Bing UX Design team travels across the pond to attend Interaction 12 by Cammy Vasquez

The Bing UX Design team and their staffing partners are heading to Dublin, Ireland this week. We’re not flying over the Atlantic just for a good pint of Guinness and some Irish cheer. Bing is attending the IxDA “Interaction 12” conference. We will be showcasing some of our best products and hope to demonstrate our commitment to producing cutting edge design and the growth of the UX community.

Everyone attends a conference for their own professional reasons. As a Staffing professional, I believe that I benefit from attending industry conferences, such as Interaction 12, because I am able to increase my business acumen and build connections with thought leaders and some of the industry’s brightest and best talent. The benefits from networking in a conference environment are immense. Meeting new people will only provide significant connection points to information related to innovations, new products, and key people to connect with. In my experience, networking can also result in finding a career opportunity of a lifetime.

We invite you to stop by and to chat with the Microsoft UX employees at Interaction 12 to learn more about all the User Experience & Researcher opportunities available. Microsoft will have representatives from various businesses, such as Bing, Bing Mobile, Office, Windows Phone and more. Please be sure to ask one of us how you can join our Talent Network – a great way to stay connected to Microsoft and UX Designer job opportunities.  It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up:

Network, connect, make ties—It will inevitably pay off!

Cheers from Dublin!

— Cammy