How Bing Shopping Saved Christmas by Marie

I have a very tech savvy pre-teen who wants the latest toys and gadgets, as long as they are from Microsoft.  This past Christmas she really wanted an audio dock for her Zune HD (which she got for her birthday!) but there was no one in San Diego that had it and the Microsoft Company Store was sold out.  One evening I started to set her expectations that she might not get the gift she really wanted.  Rather than being disappointed, she said she’d try to find it online.  I expected her to go to Amazon but she surprised me by going directly to Bing.  She did a search for Zune accessories and began to read product reviews.  I went to bed. 

The next morning I found an email from her in my inbox.  It contained links from Bing Shopping that took me to 3 different vendors who had the Zune dock available and 2 of them were part of the Cashback program.  She not only found her “must have” present, she was going to save Mom some money!  Awesome!  I signed up for Cashback, went to the merchant, made my purchase and got 4% Cashback! 

Since she is a girl who likes accessories she also included links to glitter pink ear buds, a hot pink silicone case, and screen protectors.  What the heck, I thought, she did all the work the least I could do was get them.  They were all Cashback vendors, too.  Woo hoo!  My shopping was done. 

Christmas was saved thanks to Bing.

This guest post is by Marie Watkins, a Bing Staffing Consultant, based in San Diego, California.