Why Microsoft? From a new 'Softie by Amanda

I have spent a total of almost 9 years working for prominent IT companies and I’m in the middle of my 3rd week at Microsoft.  What makes Microsoft unique?  What is unique to Recruiting at Microsoft?  I could fill countless pages of information on this topic, but let me try to summarize on a few things stand out to me.  It may sound like lip service, but the most amazing thing about Microsoft is the people.  I feel that I have been fortunate enough to work around a lot of smart people in my career, but the people at Microsoft are at another level.  Most importantly they are nice.  I am from Texas and I was surprised to find that that the Softies exceeded my expectations of friendliness.  Perhaps it’s the goals that we put in place for collaboration and business acumen, but establishing strong partnerships with your stakeholders is valued in this organization. 

As for recruiting, there were two things that make Microsoft appealing.  First, I am amazed by the amount of movement in the organization.  Internal movement is not only common, it’s also encouraged.  Many organizations get caught up in keeping strong performers in a spot where they are successful and don’t want to let them go.  Managers become selfish and hoard their talent by creating an environment where internal movement is a sign of disloyalty.  Microsoft sees it differently.  Internal movement is a way to enrich their workforce and keep their best talent.  Secondly, diversity IS important here.  We think about it all the time.  Our hiring managers also think about it.  Different ways of thinking are embraced and the environment is flexible to accommodate talented people at any stage in their life.

If you want to see a bright group of engaged employees – keep reading this blog.  It’s is a glimpse into this spirit of Microsoft…and I’m lucky they are my coworkers. 

Amanda Matthews is Bing R&D Recruiter based in San Antonio, Texas.  Welcome to Microsoft, Amanda!