A day in my life with Bing: Part 1 by Marie

As a Microsoftie it sometimes feels like we  are obligated to use the products (or at least pretend we do), but when it comes to Bing I willingly drink the Kool-Aid and eat the dog food on this one.  Actually, I feel like I never close the Bing.com tab on my browser because I am always using it.  Since it’s not a search engine but a decision engine (!!!!!), I decided to keep a journal today of what I went there to do.


·        Before I even sat down at my desk this morning, I Binged from my Windows Mobile device to look up a phone number in my “missed call” list to see who called me at 9pm last night but didn’t leave a message. (A huge pet peeve of mine.  If you’re gonna call me – leave a message forgoshsakes!)  It was a telemarketer for a local non-profit.  Glad I missed the call, but maybe if they had left a message I might have considered donating since it’s a group I’ve donated to in the past.  Their loss. 


·         Every morning I eagerly check to see the picture of the day.  Always awesome.  Always educational.  They remind me of the glorious photos I used to see in “Life” magazine or in “National Geographic.”  Do yourself a favor and start your day with it.  I sometimes reload the picture during the day for a little mental refreshment.  And today I discovered I could learn more about the picture of the day



·         Signed into my Windows Live ID accounts from the Bing toolbar.  Checked Zune Marketplace to see if there are any new apps for the Zune HD.  Looked to see if my husband has downloaded any new Rock Band songs on Xbox Live then checked the email accounts I created for his business using Live Small Business.  All from one page on Bing – it’s like a Super Wal-Mart. 


·         I’ve already blogged about how Bing saved Christmas.  There may be a sequel in the works after having trouble finding a Valentine’s Day gift I am trying to track down.  Bing and Cashback may play a role this weekend.  (Dear family, when you get to this part you can forget you just read this.)

Continued tomorrow, with Part 2.