Bing Travel – What’s new?

Bing Travel has some very fascinating new features that allow the avid traveler to find deals and actual prices quickly! Here are a few ways Bing can help you plan your next vacation or getaway!


Research (Instant Price Quotes)

Finding airfare is as easy as typing it into’s search box. No need to hit enter and scan the SERP to find your prices or start drilling into travel sites.



What are you going to pack?  Weather and the ten day forecast are important when planning for a vacation. Knowing before you go means the difference between packing your new LBD or a sweater dress.  Again, this cuts down substantial time as you find this information quickly – time you can use to plan your outfits.

Booking Travel

Let Bing and our “Price Predictor” help you book your travel ensuring you get a deal on your airfare.

Bing advises you on whether or not you should buy or wait on your airfare based on historical statistical airfare data.

Make an educated decision on the price of your airfare – as we all know fluctuates daily. Bing will also compare the prices between five different travel sites ensuring that you see the different available flights and costs associated with them. The same goes for hotel. With the Rate Indicator for hotels, you can look at a map and see what hotels are offering (Deal, Avg Rate, or Not a Deal) as far as rate per night.

Hopefully these time savers and tools can help get you on your way to your next vacation and demystify the whole airfare selction process.

Happy Travels!