How to Network with Your Staffing Partner

First thing you want to do is evaluate what you current work is now. Or, if you are unemployed, look at the jobs you have really loved during your career and focus on the reasons why you enjoyed them.  This will help you determine what your next role will be. 

Second partner up with the recruiters who specialize in this area. 

Here are some tips to find these recruiting partners: 

1.) Search on LinkedIn by companies you may be interested in working for now or in the future. Each company has a team of recruiters who hire for full time employment.

2.) Reach out and start building the partnership with a few recruiters who will be your eyes and ears for new roles and advocate for you! I often talk with someone and might not have the right fit for them at that    time, but I encourage them to keep in touch with me.

3.) Follow your recruiter on Twitter, or other social media avenues. We often post new positions via Twitter or LinkedIn. The days of finding a job through the company career site are still valid, but having the connection through social media avenues will also keep you updated even if you are not actively looking.

To learn more about roles at Microsoft please reach out to me, Mychelle Mason on LinkedIn and also join our Talent Community for updates!

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