Mobile: The Next Recruiting Revolution for 2011 - By Kay

 Our world of sourcing/researching/recruiting is much more complicated these days than it used to be. As staffing consultants, you can’t just post an opportunity on job boards and wait for candidates to come – although some “old-schoolers” still do! (you know who you are) As technologies (Internet and mobile) are taking off, we in the staffing industry really need accept how recruiting is quite similar to a marketing campaign. Social media has forced us to think outside of our comfort areas and to go to the talent instead of them coming to us. These tools have really revolutionized the way we recruit and have helped us leverage engagement and community messaging in order to reach active and passive diverse talent. Our recruiting strategies won’t be as straightforward as before. Whether or not you want to accept it, our industry is changing. When I think of where we will be after we master the areas of social media – and some sourcers are already ahead of the curve – my prediction is that mobile recruiting will be our next natural phase of direct engagement. We will extend our company’s or our client’s brand value in the mobile space and markets our jobs through apps and reaches the individual by a ping. Think about how many people look at their phone when they hear an alert sound – I’ll bet you do as well. Read more…..


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