Bing Mobile Test Team - Arthur

 My name is Arthur, and I’m the Test Manager for the Mobile Domains and Commerce team.  The MDC team is one of seven teams within the larger Bing Mobile organization, and together we are working to build innovative, world-class, mobile centric features for Bing users.  I love working in the mobile space.  To me, mobile is about immediacy:  who you are and who you’re with; where you are and where you’re going; what you want and how to get it – right now!  Think back at how long it took us to move from black and white TV to colored TV, from VHS to DVD, from Walkman to iPod, technology has been changing faster and faster.  More importantly, mass adoption of these technology changes has been faster and faster.  Understanding that there will be game changers in mobile is good, but being the one to introduce the game changers is better.  That is what we are trying to do.   Another important charter we have to do is to enable reach to our customers.  We work closely with the Windows Phone team to enable the best consumer search experiences on Windows Phone.  In addition to that, we also work on other mobile platforms such as iPhone, RIM & Android to deliver great Bing search experiences to those users as well! There are several skills necessary to be successful in Bing Mobile.  First of all, being technical is a must.  We are looking for people with backgrounds on many different areas.  Mobile is not just about the code that runs on the mobile devices, it’s also about the cloud services that power the information those devices consume.  The ability to deal with ambiguity is a must.  We have to make some decisions quickly, based on limited data.  As we learn more from our customers, we will tweak our design changes to fit our customers’ needs and market condition.  Be prepared to make those changes fast!  We want people who are strong advocates for the customers.  As we design the scenarios, we need people who are creative risk takers who aren’t afraid to shake things up!

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