I’ll Grant You 3 Wishes

Wishing to write a great blog but don’t feel you have time? Your wish is my command! I want to show you some practical ways you can write a blog post AND the best part is that you’re going to get it done in less than 10 minutes. Some might even take 15 minutes, but what is 5 minutes more? Before I begin, let’s cover some scary content-based blanketing the Internet:  quantity does not = quality. Most blog writers know the importance of being brief. However, this doesn’t mean that you should blog one-liners as your post, come on now! It does mean you should be value-focused and not length-focused.

Your Wish 1: Create a Title/Idea Lists

Most blog posts fail. Why? It’s because the title isn’t catchy.  Yes, it holds a lot of weight if you want readers! It’s my favorite piece of my blogs.  Readers are drawn in by titles. The right title for your post can make the difference between a reader staying or leaving your site. A Title/Idea Lists are nothing more than a list of all the ideas that will not only save you a bunch of time in the initial writing process, but they will attract your readers to the content.

Your Wish 2: Plan Your Content

What are people searching, interests or what do you want them to read? With your answers then develop an organizational format for your articles.

1.     Title of Blog post (captures their interest, images, photos do as well).

2.     When sharing information or asking questions, provide links that support your theory or gives more info that can educate the reader (very popular).

3.     Use this time to educate, share or create the reader to carry a healthy debates round the water cooler.

4.     Conclusion on why you think this is something to share.

Your Final Wish 3: Get to “Value”

Readers want value, not watered-down information. So don’t get your readers all excited up only to let them down with a mediocre title, a neglected body content and then skip the value of the blog. Anyone can ramble on and on or even write a short statement about topics that doesn’t provide value.  If you want people to continue to follow you and read your blog, you must provide value. We all have value. The easy thing to do is ask yourself this: “What would you read?” Creating a blog post in 10 minutes might seem hard for you, but take the step. If you just focus on giving awesome titles, great content and value, your readers will come back and share your blog with others. Another blogger is born!

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