Thank You


It’s the most universal expression in the world – two simple words that convey such a powerful thought. There are thousands of ways to express “Thank you”.  Saying thank you is not only a matter of good manners between people, but also a deep expression of recognition of kindness. The good feeling one gets because of a good deed towards them becomes an inner experience of a positive message projected back on the person who performed the act of kindness. The expression of gratitude reflects appreciation and indebtedness to the person who has performed the act of kindness and at the same time brings a sense of humility in the person expressing the thanks, along with identification with the act of compassion. This arouses and empowers the generosity and giving of recipient and the giver. These two words are simple enough to say but yet very difficult for some to deliver. It’s important to learn how to genuinely say “Thank You” to those who share their energy and resources with us as it helps repair the efforts and mend the doubts of our own interactions. Some may think it shows vulnerability but the reality is that the openness we exude lends itself to an outward reach whether it’s appreciated or not we must keep our own in a positive position. Others may think it’s arrogant or condescending, but if you deliver a “Thank You” right, then it is a very humbling action that shows gratitude and appreciation.  As a talent sourcer it is important to let my candidates know how much I appreciate them, but also my colleagues, which I think at times we take advantage and don’t say it enough to one another regardless of our roles. I have a lot to be thankful for: Family, Friends and My Colleagues….. Thank You

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