Who Wants Some Cash Back Before It's Too Late? - By Eugenia

July 30th is officially the last day for Bing CashbackIt has been a great ride. Shopping remains one of the most significant things we do online and getting cash back for shopping is always a nice bonus. The whole Cashback program has shown us the ease of use when it comes to Bing Shopping and all of the trustworthy and respected sites that are official merchants on Bing Shopping.  As I look back on my Bing shopping highlights, I have personally received $79.93 back through the Bing Cashback program. I’m not a huge shopper. In fact, I received cashback on some mundane purchases like diapers, a hard to find fragrance, children’s shoes, and a few auction items. The cashback program was a huge value add when it was at 30% and 40% back at some retailers. The whole shopping vertical on Bing.com makes me appreciate all of the hard working engineers, data miners, technical taxonomists/ontologists who make the huge amount of products available to us, easy to understand and accessible to us through a few simple clicks. My hat’s off to the whole program and the great spotlight it put on Bing Shopping. In case you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet,  Bing Shopping provides helpful reviews, photos, and lists the stores carrying the product which makes it an enjoyable and easy experience.    


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