I Have Blog Envy - By Amanda Papp

“I am a Talent Sourcer who supports Microsoft’s Bing team. I am taking baby steps with social media; currently I am at the toddler stage. I am a Wife to 1, Mama of 4 and love Rodeos!” I have blog envy. Why is it that my co-workers can find interesting things to bring to the blogosphere? Often times, it can be the most mundane subjects yet, my creative colleagues can make the topic compelling, thought provoking and fascinating. I remember back in 2005, I first learned of this foreign term called “blog”. I seriously thought it was a joke, a fad, something that would be forgotten about in a blink of an eye…much like a sitcom that doesn’t make it to a 2nd season.Fast forward to 2007 and “blog”, “bloggers”, and “blogging” started to have presence. People knew what those names meant. I attempted to start my own blog then. I found it stressful trying to find cool things to write about. What if people thought I was boring? What if no one commented, on what I thought, was very important insight that I wanted the world to know?  Alas, my blogging “effort” or lack thereof, came to a halt in 2008. I had “bloggers block”. We are halfway into 2010 and here I am, once again, intrigued by the blogosphere and the impact it has on social networking. I guess you can say I’m trying to get back on the blog wagon. Wish me luck.


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