D.R.I.V.E -Diversity Recruiting Initiatives Via Excellence By Kay

For the first time in my staffing career, I’m working for a company that not only recognizes and values their employees, but gives those employees the tools to succeed in defining their mission, outreach, and activities. But what I am most proud of that Microsoft values diversity and a responsible corporate citizen that puts those values into practice. When I joined Microsoft, I asked a colleague whether there was a group for Gay and Lesbians. Her reply was “ABSOLUTELY!” and proceeded to show me the varieties communities within Microsoft.  These communities  are involved and participate in launching a mentorship program, inviting outside speakers from each community, planning socials or educational/cultural activities, and contributing back to society through community service. We actively encourage our members to network with each other, so that we are all helping ourselves to further develop and succeed in our careers.

As a part of staffing, it is my mission to attract, recruit, and retain top talent to Microsoft and establish Microsoft as a top company to work for all diverse communities. As part of my efforts of the BING Staffing Team, I focus on networking and sharing of ideas, and participate in all social media communities. Not only does Microsoft support all these initiatives, they actively encourage it! We are continuing to build a strong internal communities with a series of community outreach, social and cultural activities and have also started to build a community externally with other professional organizations. It is great to be part of a company that not only speaks the message of diversity, but proves it with its actions.

It’s an honor to have received 2 Drive Awards (Diversity Recruiting Initiatives Via Excellence) 1 last year and 1 this year! It’s awesome to be recognized in such away. I am proud to be a Microsoftie! Thank you for giving me a platform for my passion in recruiting.



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