Videos, Blogging and Social Networking: Oh My! Discovering My Own Geekiness: Part Two by Kay

SourceCon Conference 2010, San Diego California

Recruiters are turning out in droves to the online space, making their marks with videoing, blogging, social networking and other creative outlets. I was observing at this year’s SourceCon Conference how the online venues have changed with the increasing prevalence of recruiters using blogs with photos, videos, social networks, etc. This raises interesting conversations around how we are “behaving” (or “not behaving”) ourselves online.

The wave of the “recruiter new world order” has crashed down, and many of you are now being overwhelmed by where to start and how to stand out from those who have been doing it for years? The question lingers in your head, “Should I have a blog with a picture of myself or videos of myself just talking non-script format of whatever comes to my head?” Is it passé? Then the question, “Is it ethical for a recruiter to publicly engage in social networking when representing a company?”

I’m a principal sourcer with a passion for social networking and a blog, video writer/maker. I have enjoyed cultivating my online presence for almost 10 years now, writing about topics that resonate with people and connecting with others via social networking. As this rapid change for recruiters is unfolding online, I’ve been curiously observing and have taken mental note of a few things perhaps helpful to others who are considering jumping into the “swirl” with the rest of us geeks!

Here are some of my observations around the “upsides” and “downsides” for recruiters having the sort of online life:


The Perfect Topic For Blogging

            All you need is to take 10 minutes to set your choice of blog and connect it to your social networks sites and you can clickity-clack away. Topics should be based on what you are passion about. We all have passion and it is HIGHLY recommended NOT writing about your job! People connect better when they can relate and with billions of folks on the Internet you are bound to have readers. Limit yourself to 1 paragraph (unlike this post!).  You’ll be amazed on how hard it is to just write one paragraph! For me, I wanted to become a better writer so writing has been an enjoyable supplement to my profession. Be humble, accept people’s opinion and engage with them on your site!

Embrace Social Networking

            It can be fun and educational for all. I have met some of the most wonderful and interesting people from all over the world this way, including many sourcers like me who are doing “their thing” online. It’s like a collective knowledge base of helpful links, interesting ideas and thought provoking quotes that make you go, “I did not know this…”


Watch out for the BLACK Holes
Most of us know just by having internet access that there are endless potential “black holes” while surfing. They can serve to distract and take you away from more important tasks such as work or family obligations. Social networking in and of itself can be the worst of all obligations with so many interesting people to check out, exchange information and tweet with!
What’s Really Important 
Recently, seeing a number of friends struggling with being consumed with social networking, blogging, videoing and being “out there,” it’s clear that there is great potential for any of us to let it consume our lives in an unhelpful manner. My first love is networking face-to-face.

Though there’s many more options for recruiters than there ever have been, this isn’t for everyone. There are likely many traditional recruiters “old schoolers” who want nothing to do with all of this “waste of time.” Like in life, different things resonate with different people. I’ve enjoyed the synchronicity of the two parts of my recruiting-related world, distinct yet connected.

It works for me.

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