Your JobBlog = Getting a Job = Leaving Your Mark! Part 3 by Kay

This is part 3 of 3 on what you know know about writing and having a job-related blog or website.  Part 1 is located here.  Part 2 is located here.

Smart Blogging
BusinessWeek has information on how to blog safely and how to blog without getting fired.  The suggestions include blogging anonymously, making your blog not searchable, limiting who can read your blog, and, when employed, focusing your blog on limited topics which can’t get you fired for writing about that. However, if you aren’t happy in your job, maybe it’s best that you don’t blog! As social media is everywhere, and these are hot topics, you can pretty much be guaranteed that someone is reading your blog from your workplace.

Read Job Search Blogs
There are many blogs dedicated to job searching and career building. Jobprofiles has the 100 best job search blogs for your job search. Read these on a regular basis, review the advice that is offered, and pick up tips that will aid your job search.  Blogging can become a statement of who you are, but, don’t let that statement change your employment possibilities. Keep on blogging; but, blog smart, securely and respectfully, so your current and future career opportunities aren’t jeopardized but MAXIMIZED!

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