Your JobBlog = Getting a Job = Leaving Your Mark! Part 2 by Kay

This is part 2 of 3 on what you know know about writing and having a job-related blog or website.  Part 1 is located here.

Privacy Issues

Should potential employers be reading your personal information? Probably not. However, if you put it on the Internet with it readily accessible, well then they can and they might. Some people list their personal web site or blog on their resume and most of us recruiters will look you up on any of the search engines. We’re interested in knowing more about you as an individual. There’s nothing to stop a hiring manager from doing the same, especially at tech companies.  If it’s on your resume, the employer will look at it! Guaranteed! Hiring managers are more and more looking closely to what you have out there on the internet. Come on now, you have to know that! Some managers will try to find out as much about a candidate as they can, including looking up the person online before an initial phone call.  Your image speaks in volumes, and it’s more than just your resume these days.

Even if you don’t put your web, blog, and profile on your resume, they will do a quick search via web and most cases they will find something about you.  People you least expect, and those that you certainly don’t want reading it, may find it.  Not only your boss and prospective employers, but also your customers, colleagues and coworkers!

Look next week for Part 3 in this series.

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