A day in my life with Bing: Part 2 by Marie

Continuing from yesterday’s post my day with Bing.

·         I rejoined Twitter ( Follow me!) and I did a search on Bing to find people on Twitter that have “machine learning” in their bio so that I can follow them.  Why?  I have lots of jobs for people with machine learning skills that I need to quickly build my network so I am using the power of social media to do it.  Shameless plea —  if you know someone that is looking for a job and has machine learning, business intelligence, or any statistical analysis skills share the jobs posted here

·         Both my husband and my dad have birthdays this week so I searched to find the recipe for hubby’s favorite cake so I can make it for both of them – Pineapple Upside Down Cake (Hawaiian-style!).


·         My daughter was making a card for the birthday “boys” and she got stuck trying to rhyme a word.  I didn’t know you could go to Bing and type in “rhymes with” and the word and get some suggestions until she tried it.  Very cool!   Alas, still can’t find anything that rhymes with orange. 


·         I have to travel at the end of the month and was having trouble getting a seat on a direct flight out of San Diego and really have no desire to hub through Denver this time of year.  I clicked on the travel link and found other airlines and route maps from So Cal.  If I want a direct flight I’ll have to drive to LAX which is still better than a layover in a snowy state.  The price predictor feature was very cool – if I was flexible on my dates it would have been helpful but not this time.  So I’m booked on Virgin America – which I knew nothing about – but after looking at their website I’ve very excited about the on-board WiFi and other amenities and am looking forward to the trip….. despite the fact it’s for business and I am going to a cold, wet place rather than a beach with fruity drinks. 


So what do you use Bing for? 


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