Why do we blog? By Kay

Are you curious about blogging? Have a concept or idea? Do you have an opinion and you want to express or share knowledge that can be helpful? Here are a few things to know about blogging.

How many bloggers are there?

The thing to remember is that a blog is just a tool or to some a portal. There’s really nothing special about it, no requirements for any particular capabilities for one to start a blog. A common feel is use it like a diary and allow comments from readers, so they can be included, but it’s not required. Unlike social networks, there are no groups or fan pages with many members or followers. This means, in reality, it’s basically impossible to estimate how many blogs or bloggers are out there.  Maybe that is a good thing, since to some it might be to scary to jump in and create a blog of their own.

However, if we hold ourselves to sites that have comments section and do allow user to add their feedback, we’re still in the millions of blogs, people ranging from pre-teens to senior citizens, with the bulk of bloggers in their late teens to 50s.

Why do people blog?

Why people blog?  Well, in my opinion is to have a voice, however small. Think about just like those who write fancy opinion columns for newspapers or journals, you too can share your knowledge, vent, etc. to the public. Still, there are many really smart bloggers who have interesting perspectives on the news, politics, sports, business, etc., people who wouldn’t otherwise be heard in the typical media. That’s why I read blogs daily, in hopes that I can share my perspective on things.

How about you, dear blog reader (and, probably, blogger in your own right)? How would you answer these questions?

How many bloggers are there?

Why do people blog?

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