What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? by Jamie

It is that time of year again, what are you going to do better or change in 2010? 


For 2009, I was going to give up ice cream – I lasted until March.  I have decided to abandon empty New Year’s Resolutions.  This year, I am getting smarter.  I am setting goals with easier execution points.  Bing is helping me with execution. I am focusing on being more informed about current events.  This is an easy one, I start with the Bing home page to guide me on what people are searching on most that day.  I then follow up with top news stories. 


How can Bing help with you New Year’s resolutions?  A few common resolutions are:


Lose weight – Mayo Clinic provides health content for Bing.

Travel – Bing can provide destination information, flight predictors and pictures of beautiful beaches.


Find a new job – Keep reading this blog for career tips.  Later this week, I will be sharing details of an interview with a new Bing employee – stay tuned!


Happy New Year!

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