Black Friday... Bing Style by Jenna

I visited my parents this week and I asked if they were using Bing.…


“Bing?, What’s Bing?”   


I was shocked. 


How is it that Bing is being advertised on every networking television program,  and my father (who is permanently glued to the TV), has no idea what it is. I explained it was a search engine and he was still confused.  And it wasn’t until I told him the joke of Bing standing for “But-It’s-Not-Google” that he actually understood.


So we did a small tour of the site and looked for his newest obsession: mulching lawnmowers,  specifically the Black and Decker MM575.  He found it on Google for $209, but then we searched on Bing and found it for the same price, but with an additional 4-10% cashback feature. I explained many times that, yes, anyone can get cashback, and no, this was not just because I worked for Microsoft. Then I followed a similar exercise for my Mom, who wanted a 6qt Mario Batali cast iron pot, and we found it with a 7% Bing cashback. 


So, from not knowing that Bing existed, to being a cashback shopper (and toolbar installer) in a mere 15 minutes.  Let the Holiday shopping begin….

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