A Mountain Or A Mole Hill? By Matt

I read an article today that mentioned some interesting metrics that I wanted to share with you:


“Retailers have spent 47% more on search ads on Bing in Q4 this year than during the same time period in 2008,” according to SearchIgnite.


Now obviously the total numbers are still very small next to what Advertisers spend on Google, but what a 47% increase in Ad spend tells me, is that despite having a LOOOOOONG way to go from a market share perspective, Advertisers feel Bing is relevant and worth their investment!


This got me thinking (Dangerous, I know)… if Advertisers feel Bing is important now, imagine how they will feel if perchance any large scale, long term search deals in the works end up going through? (Is that vague enough for you? If not click here)


My forward looking statements aside… I’m curious to get your thoughts. Combining the recent advertiser numbers with the steady search share increases we have been seeing since launch, does Bing appear to be climbing the mountain, or are we just resting on a molehill?


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