Help Bing Help You! By Jamie


Tamieko’s post brings up an interesting topic – help us find you!  Bing wants diverse talent; we want to find professionals who bring different perspective and experiences.  Bing is a global product and we want our workforce to reflect our diverse user base.  Recruiters use Bing and other tools to mine the internet and job boards for resumes.  Here are some tips for popping up in our results:


·         List your memberships with diverse organizations such as SWE, NSBE or SHPE, etc on your resume.  You can spell it out, but also include the acronyms.

·         If you want us to find you on the internet, post your resume to your homepage and call that specific page “resume”. Recruiters look for pages titled resume.  If you don’t have a home page, there are several free web hosting places.

·         If you post your resume on the internet, don’t use a lot of boxes, as they don’t paste well into our applicant tracking systems.

·         Use LinkedIn.  Many recruiters consider this to be the tool of choice.  Fill out a profile and add as much detail as you can.  The more keywords associated to your job that you can include, the better.  We often use LinkedIn profiles in lieu of resumes so give us details about what you’re doing. Don’t forget to add your diverse organizations in your LinkedIn profile.

·         Join online groups that match your interests and discuss topics related to your diverse background.  We participate in many of those groups too and often post jobs there as well.


What if you are not actively looking for a job, but you are interested in networking?  No problem- Even if you’re not looking to make a career change, we would still love to meet you.  If you’re interested in networking only, write that at the top of your resume that you post on the internet.  If you’re using LinkedIn you can use the profile settings to indicate the kind of communication you are open to.  Another great networking opportunity is to participate in discussions on this blog – we would love to hear from you!


And one final thought- help others! If you see a discussion on a particular role or function that you think a friend or colleague would be great at, share the post with them and encourage them to participate in the discussion.


I’ll be out looking for you!

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