Decisions Anywhere by Jamie

As a recruiter, I speak to a lot of talented people who want to be involved in cutting edge products.  Bing for Mobile definitely falls into this group.  Mobile search is in its infancy and there is so much room for innovation.  I am currently recruiting someone to drive strategy for Bing Mobile which allows me to have lots of conversations about the mobile search space.  I get excited about the feeling of a blank slate, of offering someone the chance to join our team and brainstorm in an area where the plans are not fully baked and the answers have not all been figured out.  When I reach out to someone to discuss driving strategy for Bing Mobile, imagine the response – people are excited and start bubbling ideas in our first call.  I can hear their passion and am infected with their excitement.  This makes my job easy – offering people the opportunity to unleash their passion.  What makes these types of positions unique is combining emerging technology with the R&D resources of Microsoft and being able to leverage the diversification of our products.  Bing for mobile is another aspect of providing more for our users – allowing them to leverage Bing to make decisions from anywhere.  If you haven’t explored Bing for Mobile you should.  If you happen to be one of the folks who is driving thought on mobile search, let me know.

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