Confidential! By Jenna

Everyone has a few good secrets.

Nowadays companies guard their most valuable strategies with code names, segregated decision making, and a general policy of secrecy. In the world of recruiting we often recruit for jobs we can’t discuss, and sometimes know little about. And if you presently work for a competitor and interview with us, rest assured you will learn little about what we have up our sleeve. So how do you decide if this is really where you want to work?


Gather what you can about the role, but also understand that your success will be largely shaped by your manager, co-workers and environment.  While it’s tempting to want exact details of the project, even the most well-scoped job can change with a re-organization, so I invite you instead to think of evaluating an opportunity instead of the job. Are the people and company smart? Stable? Well-resourced? Invested in you? And perhaps most importantly, do you think they are open and receptive to your ideas and thoughts? If the answer is “yes,” maybe the next big secret to launch will be your personal pet project. Worry less about the specific tasks and most about finding a place where you can personally flourish.

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