Bing Deconstructed! By Matt

I’m a big Top Chef fan and I love to cook, but I don’t really consider myself a “Foodie.” There are too many concepts I’m totally ignorant of that are old news to most Foodies. For instance, the whole concept of deconstructed cooking was foreign to me until started watching the show.

Given the large number of ingredients Microsoft uses to create our online services, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the main groups that combine to deliver Bing, courtesy of our OSD Career Site:

Our Bing teams create innovative services like Maps, Local, Travel, Shopping, and News that quickly and easily connect people with the information they’re seeking.

The MSN platform powers hundreds of Web sites across global markets and receives several billion page views each month.

Microsoft Advertising teams help advertisers create engaging experiences for their customers by making it easy and cost-effective to buy and sell media.

Our Global Foundation Service team builds and manages the platform that powers our Software+Services strategy. We host more than 200 of the company’s online services and Web portals, delivering a trusted experience to customers and partners worldwide.

Given the high level of interdependency between our Search, Display and Advertising businesses it’s imperative that we hire individuals that are comfortable contributing to all of these areas.

I often talk to candidates who want to work on Bing but self-select out, because they lack a background in core search algorithms. The next time you are searching for the Microsoft career that best fits you, keep these other groups in mind as all are integral to Bing’s success. If your focus is Content Creation, Web Applications, Software Platforms, Networking, Operations (or anything in between), remember: there are several ways to contribute to Bing!

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