Bing it on in Bellevue by Matt

I’ve heard it from my friends and former colleagues alike, “Gosh, I’d love to work at Microsoft, but I don’t want to drive to Redmond every day…” As a veteran of the Seattle technology scene, I can totally understand the Eastsideaphobia that comes from staring across the bridge.


For anyone who views Redmond as a deal breaker, it’s my duty to tell you that the majority of the Bing product groups are located in beautiful downtown Bellevue! Two of Microsoft’s newest buildings: City Center and The Bravern, host several of the development and operations groups building and supporting our Search, Adverting and MSN-centric web services.


As a Seattleite myself, I love the fact that my average drive time is 25 minutes each way, which is roughly what it would take me to get downtown Seattle.  For those of you who’d rather not be a solo commuter, Microsoft’s Bellevue Campus surrounds the recently renovated Bellevue Transit Center.


So the next time you are at our career site and are looking for a great way to trim your search results think of Bing and search by location: Bellevue, Washington!

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