What Can You Say To Me? By Jamie

I always tell candidates I work with Bing. I tell them for two reasons: One, I am usually talking to them about a career with Bing and Two: I want to hear their feedback on Bing.  The conversations usually goes something like this:


Me: “I am Jamie Morgan and I recruit for Bing”

Candidate: “Ah, yes Bing, very cool”

Me: “What do you think of Bing, are you using it?”


This is where the conversations vary.  Many start rattling off their favorite features and share with me that it is their home page, default search engine, etc.  There’s a few really honest folks lay out all their opinions good and bad. Then there’s the group who pause, they point out their favorite features and then they pause again.  One was so candid as to say, “I am talking to a Bing recruiter, I am not sure if I should tell you that it is not my default search engine yet.” He was afraid that if he gave constructive feedback, it might hurt his chances of being considered for a position.  As I explained to him, you can have any opinion you want, but tell me why.  I am intrigued by any opinion backed up by thoughtful analysis.


Bing is new.  While I think it’s great, there is room for more.  No one at Microsoft has ever said, “My product is done and perfect and will never need enhancements.”  There is always room for something new.  Microsoft is not a company to rest on its laurels or to ride its own coat tails.  We value and seek people who can identify room for improvement and who hunger for continuous innovation.  If you get on the phone with me, tell me your opinion on Bing or any other Microsoft product we’re discussing.  If you have interesting ideas and demonstrate your passion for innovation and enhancements, I might introduce you to one of my hiring manager friends. 😉


So here’s a test: What do YOU think of Bing?

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