Why care about diversity? By Tameiko

Why care about diversity? Is it just another overused corporate buzzword? When it comes to developing global products, all of a sudden diversity is pretty important, yes? Most companies realize the importance of having its employees reflect the population it serves and Bing is no exception. And when you are essentially serving the world, it seems reasonable your employee base should be quite diverse. How is this accomplished?  By hiring males and females of all ethnicities from various places around the world. Easy, right? Well, when you are an engineering team, the opportunity to hire Caucasians, Asians and Indians (not Native Americans) males is high. If you are a marketing team, the opportunity to hire females increases from engineering teams. Where is everyone else? Where are the technical females, Hispanics, African Americans and Native Americans? Of course Bing employs a variety of people. It begs the question though, do those who are underrepresented have a voice and is it important that every team be reflective of the marketplace?


I would love to hear your thoughts…

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