The Academy Award® goes to: Bing

This weekend will see the 87th Annual Academy Awards take place at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, but if you can’t wait until Sunday to see who will take home the highest honours in filmmaking, Bing Predicts already has the answers. You may have seen that Bing is currently predicting results of the Cricket matches, and the same service is available for the Oscars. You can check out who Bing favors for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and more just by searching Oscars on Bing Bing has used a variety of information, including search queries and social data, to predict who is likely to take home a gong. Bing has already done this to forecast winners of Premier League matches and the Scottish Referendum. Think you can beat Bing’s predictions? Make your own prediction on who will win for each category and see how you compare. With hundreds of millions of movie lovers tuning into the Oscars each February, Bing has also put together an interactive guide that brings you all the information you need including these predictions, to your fingertips. Starting today, you can use the online experience to explore the actors, films, directors, songs and cinematographers nominated for these awards. You can listen to the songs, watch the movie trailers and learn more about each of the actors and actresses starring in the films. Oscars Carousal1 Select a category in the Oscars carousel to see who and what is nominated and who Bing predicts to win. Go beyond the Best Picture nominees and select one of the nominated films to watch the trailer, find local show times if still in theatres or read reviews. Oscars 2 While watching the Oscars, if you suddenly develop an urge to watch that other movie Clint Eastwood directed starring Leonardo DiCaprio but can’t remember the title, Bing’s conversational search feature allows you to enter natural language queries like ‘Movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio directed by Clint Eastwood’ or ‘tom cruise movie with unicorn’ and get results that allow you take action and watch that movie online. Check during and after the Oscars on 22 February to see how Bing fared with its predictions and explore red carpet photos and winners.   – The Bing Team

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