Find and save for later – with Bing

One of the great things about search is that you have the world of information at your fingertips. Yet you don’t always have time to explore everything you find right at the moment you discover it. Now, with the new saving function offered on Bing, you can easily save videos and images you find while using Bing, and view them later on your PC or mobile device, as long as you’re signed in.
Let’s say you are looking for Valentines Videos on Bing to send to your beloved. With the new saving function, you can save where you found them by hovering on the video and clicking ‘save.’ This action saves that searched item to ‘Show all saved videos’ in top right corner where you can come back and view it later when it’s convenient for you.

The same feature exists for image search. For example, use Bing’s image search for Valentine’s day decorations, Save the results you like, by hovering over the image and clicking on the plus symbol. Click on ‘Preferences” on the top right corner of the search results, and find all of your saved images.

Enjoy searching and finding with Bing!