Bing Canada’s 2014 End-of-Year Search Trends

We express our values and interests every day through our choices, actions, and conversations. We all search the Internet for the things that intrigue us most, giving us at Bing a unique look back at the people, events and things that impacted Canadians throughout the year. From the tragic to the absurd to the inspirational, Bing explores the unforgettable people, moments and events that shaped our year.

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Most Searched Celeb of the Year

  • Sadly Robin Williams was the top-searched celeb in 2014; and despite the tragic event, we still have his films to serve as a wonderful reminder of the man and his work.
  • Top 10 comparison for 2012 and 2013 in Canada:
Rank 2014 2013
1 Robin Williams Miley Cyrus
2 Kate Middleton Kate Middleton
3 Justin Bieber Amanda Bynes
4 Jennifer Lawrence Justin Bieber
5 Miley Cyrus Kim Kardashian
6 Kate Upton Shakira
7 Kim Kardashian Jennifer Aniston
8 Katy Perry Kourtney Kardashian
9 Jennifer Aniston Blake Shelton
10 Scarlett Johansson Kendra Wilkinson



Most Searched Politician of the Year

  • There is no surprise at seeing Rob Ford in the #1 spot for, uh, not exactly the best reasons.
1 Rob Ford
2 Justin Trudeau
3 Stephen Harper
4 Doug Ford
5 Kathleen Wynne
6 John Tory
7 Patrick Brazeau
8 Pamela Wallin
9 Pierre Trudeau
10 Mike Duffy



Most Searched Sports Team

  • Hockey-mad Canadians actually searched for our sole baseball squad over any NHL team? Wow, now this is a surprise!
1 Toronto Blue Jays
2 Toronto Maple Leafs
3 Montreal Canadiens
4 Edmonton Oilers
5 Vancouver Canucks
6 Calgary Flames
7 Toronto Raptors
8 Winnipeg Jets
9 Ottawa Senators
10 Manchester United



Most Searched Sports Stars
Eugenie Bouchard is leading the charge for the revitalization of tennis in Canada.

1 Eugenie Bouchard
2 Tiger Woods
3 Tony Stewart
4 Sidney Crosby
5 Lebron James
6 Ray Rice
7 Milos Raonic
8 Rory McIlroy
9 Danica Patrick
10 Adrian Peterson




Most Searched Musicians

  • Bieber fever continues to burn allowing him to come in as the most searched musician of 2014.
1 Justin Bieber
2 Miley Cyrus
3 Ariana Grande
4 Katy Perry
5 Selena Gomez
6 Nicki Minaj
7 Taylor Swift
8 Rihanna
9 One Direction
10 Iggy Azalea



Most Searched Movies

  • Who knows if it’s due to the song or the actual movie, but there is no question this 2013 film has staying power.


1 Frozen
2 Lego Movie
3 Guardians of the Galaxy
4 Godzilla
5 Star Wars
6 Hunger Games
7 Maleficent
8 Wolf of Wall Street
9 How to Train Your Dragon 2
10 Captain America


Most Searched TV Shows

  • This fantasy/drama series – adapted from George R. R. Martin’s novels – has captured the minds of viewers across Canada.


1 Game of Thrones
2 Sons of Anarchy
3 Ellen DeGeneres
4 The Walking Dead
5 The Voice
6 Big Brother
7 American Idol
8 Dancing with the Stars
9 Downton Abbey
10 Young and the Restless



Most Searched Tech

  • What’s on our mind, Facebook? Oh, just that our friends still “like” you the most.
1 Facebook
2 YouTube
3 Netflix
4 Gmail
5 Yahoo! Mail
6 Pinterest
7 Twitter
8 Instagram
9 Skype
10 Outlook


Most Searched Electronics

  • The iPhone managed to capture the attention (and wallets) of consumers in 2014.
1 iPhone
2 Xbox
3 Blackberry
4 Fitbit
5 Samsung Galaxy
6 iPad
7 Nintendo
8 Playstation
9 Oculus Rift
10 Windows Phone

Most Searched Fashion Designer


  • Fashion icon, designer and former Project Runway judge, Michael Kors, took the crown as most searched fashion designer of 2014.



1 Michael Kors
2 Kate Spade
3 Steve Madden
4 Tory Burch
5 Tommy Hilfiger
6 Ralph Lauren
7 Calvin Klein
8 Marc Jacobs
9 Stuart Weitzman
10 Jimmy Choo


Most Searched Fashion Brand


  • The popular clothing and accessories chain was the most-searched clothing brand in 2014.


1 Old Navy
2 Forever 21
3 American Eagle
4 Victoria’s Secret
5 Banana Republic
6 Gap
7 H&M
8 Zara
9 Guess
10 Nike



Most Searched Destination


  • Stealing the spotlight from mainland America, Hawaii captured the top spot this year as the most searched travel destination.
1 Hawaii
2 Costa Rica
3 Jamaica
4 Mont Tremblant
5 Whistler
6 Australia
7 Bahamas
8 Thailand
9 London
10 Paris
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