Destination Brazil

On June 12th the World Cup kicks off in Brazil.   It marks an amazing period where the world comes together to see which country has fielded the strongest soccer team. To help you get the most out of the tournament, we’re rolling out a host of features on Bing.

Schedules and Scores

Curious to know when your team is playing?  Looking to find out who won a match? We have fine-tuned our index to provide you with schedules and scores directly in the search results.   Search for “World Cup Schedule” or “World Cup Scores” and we’ll serve up a tabbed interface at the top of the page.

Stay tuned for more from us in the coming days and if you want some additional context on the tournament along with beautiful visuals visit and see what our friends at Internet Explorer have put together.

As always, may the best team win.

–          The Bing Team

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