Bing Web Search Arrives on Xbox One

With Xbox One, we introduced an all-in-one games and entertainment system with sophisticated voice navigation and natural language voice search powered by Bing and Kinect. In addition to combining games, music, and movies one amazing device, every Xbox One utilizes the power of Bing and Kinect to make it fast, easy and natural to find, play, watch, and listen to whatever you want. Today as part of the Xbox Live update, we are expanding search to include the web. If you don't find what you're looking for among the hundreds and thousands of music, movie, app and game titles in our index, you can now extend your search to the web.


Since launch millions of you have taken advantage of the voice search capabilities of Bing. Shortly after launch we released an update that showcased what you are saying while the search was conducted in parallel. Now you can see how Bing and Xbox understand your voice, for an even more fluid voice search experience.

You can learn more about all of the updates arriving with the Xbox Live update on the Xbox Wire.

The Bing Team

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