Hello Canada

My name is Andrew and I’m your Bing Evangelist for Canada. It’s probably one of the most unique jobs I’ve had in my career. My role is to show you all the cool stuff that is happening with Bing in a fun and engaging way.

We are in the middle of an exciting time here at Microsoft. We have so much going on, including Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Surface, its hard keeping up. Along with these launches we have major updates and news coming from Bing Canada. So our team has decided to blog about it to keep you in the loop.

Recent Rebranding

If you intend or are running your PPC campaigns on Bing you maybe interested to know that we recently had a rebrand. The audience you buy is now called the Yahoo! Bing Network¸ and where you buy is called Bing Ads or formerly AdCenter.

Power of the Yahoo! Bing Network

We have heard about the incredible reach of Bing Ads in the U.S. with 151 million unique searchers a month*, but did you know with one ad buy through Bing Ads you are able to reach 13.5 million unique searchers in Canada*? That roughly translates to about 245 million monthly searches* on Bing and Yahoo! Search. We also have 2.9 million unique searchers* that ONLY use Bing and Yahoo! Search in Canada. As an advertiser that is significant reach that you can only achieve using Bing Ads.

Also our audience has greater online purchase activity. According to comScore qSearch, our unique searchers are likely to spend 53% more than the average searcher and likely to spend 48% more than Google Searchers in Canada*.

With the reach and quality of audience the Yahoo! Bing Network brings, it only makes sense to include Bing Ads in any search campaign.

Please come back and check for regular updates to our blog.

– Andrew Yang, Search Evangelist, Bing Canada

* comScore Core Search (custom), June 2012

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