Find the Australian Business Number (ABN) information you need, faster on Bing!

At Bing, we're always looking for new ways to help Australians get to the information they need, quickly and easily. 

That's why we've just released our latest feature, ABN Lookup, in partnership with the Australian Business Register.

It’s designed to help consumers and businesses lookup Australian Business Number (ABN) information quickly - by including an ABN search facility right within the search results page.

The ABN Lookup search box appears on whenever a user types an ABN related query into the main search box. Here’s an example – just type “abn lookup” into 

The ABN Lookup feature appears right within the top search results. Now, users can just search for a company name (or by searching the ABN) to get all the business information they need.  

Let’s use a fictitious company, Adventure Works Cycles to see how it works: 

And right within the results page, here’s the information we’re looking for: 

ABN Lookup also makes it easy to search the other way around, too – that is, by searching with the ABN number to show the company details. 

Try out ABN Lookup today and let us know what you think! 

The Bing Australia team