Gen Y launches 'Bing is for Doing' campaign

Over the past few weeks you’d have noticed a new Bing Australia campaign roll out across numerous media outlets.

So what does the theme ‘Bing is for doing’ actually mean? Bing helps you spend less time sitting and searching and more time out in the world doing.

What we did to portray this is recruit some of the country’s best up-and-coming Gen Y filmmakers, with the guidance of creative agency BMF Sydney, to create mini documentaries on four inspiring individuals each with a unique story to tell.

“It was a great opportunity for both the film makers and BMF to bring this new brand promise of ‘doing’ to life for Bing.  By producing the work in this unique way, we proved everything that ‘doing’ stands for,” said BMF’s Executive Creative Director, Shane Bradnick.

The “Bing is for doing” filmmakers were:

• Campbell Brown and Stefan Hunt – filmed mountain boarder Andy Milenkovic’s story
• Martha Goddard – filmed shark diver Madison Stewart’s story
• Epiphany Morgan  – filmed actress Bethany Simons’ story
• Lucy Hayes – filmed indigenous art group Desert Pea Media’s story

Be sure to check out their stories at


– Bing Australia Product Team