Do you want to know who will be crowned the winners of the Australian Open?


We are all glued to the tennis right now. Whether it’s Kyrgios’ infamous temperament causing headlines, or the shock of Murray AND Djokovic both being knocked out early, we want to know more! Here at Bing, we’ve made it really easy for you to keep up with the tennis. From live scores, updates, news and match predictions, you’ll find it all, right here on Bing.


Yes, you've heard right, match predictions are also included in the mix. So how do we manage to predict matches at the Bing headquarters? We don’t want to bore you with too much data talk, but, Bing's machine learning, analyses everything from historical data, team and player form, stats, venue data and social and traditional media to give you the best predictions.


If you’re keen to know who will today’s matches, just click on Bing to see our predictions!