What you Binged in 2011

Australians Binged Miranda Kerr more than any other international celebrity this year, with the Aussie supermodel also outranking other popular searches for tax, sex and “how to build muscle”.

Miranda topped the search rankings, followed by Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Despite her best publicity efforts, Kim Kardashian came in sixth.

Among the most binged Australian celebrities, Lara Bingle also ranked highly – and it’s clear from this year’s most unexpected hook-up who is the more popular, with searches for Liz Hurley almost doubling searches for Shane Warne.

2011 also saw more searches performed for the word ‘tax’ than ‘sex’. Unsurprisingly, tax searches peaked in the month of July – and for no apparent reason, ‘sex’ searches were most frequent in October.

The Royal Wedding was the overseas highlight of the year, but it was Pippa Middleton that exceeded searches for ‘Royal Wedding’ and ‘Prince William’ by 61% and 68% respectively.

Combined searches for the nation’s political leaders put Tony Abbott clearly in the shadow of Julia Gillard. Julia’s name was searched 18 times more frequently than Tony’s.

Image-conscious queries including “how to get rid of acne” and “how to build muscle” were most popular instructional searches ahead of “how to get over a breakup”.

Here is a snapshot of what you were searching for in 2011:


Most Binged celebrities 2011:

1.         Miranda Kerr

2.         Justin Beiber

3.         Katy Perry

4.         Lady Gaga

5.         Selena Gomez


Most Binged Australian celebrities 2011:

1.         Miranda Kerr

2.         Hugh Jackman

3.         Elle Macpherson

4.         Megan Gale

5.         Nicole Kidman


Most Binged person in Australian sport 2011:

1.         Cadel Evans

2.         Ricky Nixon

3.         Shane Warne

4.         Brendan Fevola

5.         Chris Judd


Most Binged “how tos” 2011:

1.       “How to build muscle”

2.        “How to get rid of acne”

3.        “How to get over a breakup”

4.         “How to change”

5.        “How to be confident”


Most Binged news stories 2011:

1.         Japan disaster

2.         Cyclone Yasi

3.         Brisbane floods

4.         Christchurch NZ earthquake

5.         London Riots


– Bing AU Product team


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